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From the desk of: Devin Tracy
Dear friend, 
Love Jesus?

If you do, pay very close attention to what I say next.

Here's Why: My name is Devin Tracy and I'm giving away a FREE gift to the first 500 people who claim it.

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It's the custom Cross necklace you see below.

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I'm giving away this necklace for two very specific reasons...

Reason #1: I have access to a bunch of these necklaces and I need to get rid of them


Reason #2 - I want to spread the good word and I figured giving away this necklace for free would be a good idea.

And that's exactly what I'm doing.  Giving EVERYTHING away for FREE!

Obviously, there's a cost to ship the necklace so the only thing I ask of you... is that you cover that measly $4.99 cost.

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Inside, you'll get monthly access to raw, uncencored and never-before-seen video trainings on Apologetics and Theology (basically the meat and potatoes to help you defend your faith).

Discover the proof of Jesus Christ inside of these monthly trainings.

I hold nothing back and reveal everything inside our inner circle community.

After the 7 day test drive, to continue membership, do nothing and you'll continue to be billed only $4.99 per week until you cancel.

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As a special bonus for taking fast action today you'll also get direct access to my "Defend The Faith" mini-series. 

Inside this 7 video Christian training series, you;'' discover...
✔️ Insider Christian Arguments Revealed - Inside, you'll get a rare glimpse into the world of Christian Apologetics, how to think about the evidence, and why the Christian conclusion is true
✔️ Discover The Truth About His Resurrection - Most people think we take Christs resurrection on faith, inside I'll reveal why it's a fact (proof included)
✔️ Why Christianity Is Unique And Powerful - Without this… You'll be left unable to explain why all other religions aren't true
✔️Uncover The Undeniable Truth Of Our Creator - Once I reveal this simple “secret”... you’ll wonder why you haven’t known about it all this time and why it's NEVER spoken about in church
✔️ Discover The Hidden Proof Of The Christian Bible - This isn’t being talked about and that’s why non-believers think we have an untrustworthy copy of the bible, but that couldn't be further from the truth and you'll see why video #5 of this training series
✔️ The Winning Strategy Behind Talking to Non-Believers- Arm yourself with these arguments and defend your faith with ease. 
✔️ Discover The No-Nonsense Arguments For Christianity - Add these tools to your tool belt and become sharper, stronger and better equipped for the expansion of God's kingdom
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t think This Cross Necklace was worth the measly $4.99 pittance… just let me know and I’ll refund every single red penny.

No questions asked.  

No hard feelings.

I know you won’t want a refund though because thousands of people already love this necklace. 

And for only $4.99… it’s a drop in the bucket. 

I’m sure you can swing the cost of shipping and handling to discover Jesus and have a cool necklace everyone will ask about.

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Devin Tracy
P.S. Here’s a recap of what you’ll be getting today

1. FREE Cross Necklace 
2. FREE Defend Your Faith Mini-Course
3. FREE 7-Day Test Drive Of The Defenders Academy

The only thing we ask is that you cover the meager cost of shipping and handling ($4.99)

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